Our compliments to… compliments!


We knew we were onto something interesting here at illikeucoz – the importance of compliments (especially for women) was in fact recently highlighted by The Sun in an article about a study released by Dove UK in early February ’09, just about the time that ilikeucoz launched.

Dove says that some 15% of women NEVER receive a compliment and a further 19% rarely ever do – from friends, family, strangers… or even their partners. A bit shocking really!

Dove’s study goes on to say that while most of the few comments women DO receive are positive and complimentary, there is a darker side to the story, related to passing judgement on women’s appearance. In fact 6% of women only hear negative comments rather than positive ones from their mums (oh dear…). And since 92% of women admit they take comments they receive to heart, the impact such negative comments can have on women’s self-esteem is significant. Apparently, women have a deep seated need for affirmation, and the things that other people say has a huge impact on how women think and feel about themselves.

The Sun article goes on to quote a confidence coach – Dawn Breslin, who says, “Compliments are little gift packages of love and appreciation that help us build our self esteem and self confidence.”

What do you think girls… is this all true? If so – what is everyone waiting for? Get complimenting on ilikeucoz.com… and in general! And with mum’s day coming up later this month in the UK… why not show our mum’s how it’s done?

To read the full article on Dove’s findings, click here.


Author: Diane Perlman (twitter | ilikeucoz)


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