Can you take a compliment?


I’ve been reading up on giving and receiving compliments and have been learning some interesting things. Ok – so it’s understandable that giving AND receiving compliments are both closely connected with one’s self esteem.  I get that.  But what I didn’t realise is that for many people, especially women, accepting compliments is very difficult. One article in which garnered 80 comments from women who all said they had trouble accepting compliments, suggested that people don’t like getting compliments because of two reasons: insecurity (they don’t believe it’s true) and insincerity (they don’t believe the compliment is genuine).

Clearly compliments – giving and receiving them – is totally intertwined with how we view ourselves. According to an article in, how we receive a compliment can tell us a lot about our self worth.  In fact we actually gain more benefits by graciously receiving a compliment rather than rejecting or refusing it. Apparently the most successful people receive compliments more gracefully than others, which stands to reason – if your successful, you know you must be good at what you do.

Experts advise that when you receive a compliment, the best response is ‘Thank you’, rather than rejecting a compliment or questioning it.  For some people it takes years to be able to say these two simple words, because of self doubt and disbelief. But there’s no getting around it, when we receive a compliment it feels good. And feeling good promotes good health and strengthens self esteem. What could be better? It seem so simple really.

So the next time you get a compliment – in person or via, take note of how it feels. And just say  ‘thank you’.  If you like it, why not return the favour and make someone else’s day?

Author:  Diane Perlman (twitter | ilikeucoz)


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One Response to “Can you take a compliment?”

  1. lionsden6508 Says:

    Hi, I stumbled across your post, the studies you cited are really interesting. It took me a long time to be comfortable with compliments until I decided the least awkward response was justo to say thank you. It’s funny how something as simple as a construction worker yelling out that you’re beautiful can turn from mildly creepy to an uplifting part of your day just by how you take it.

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