Riding the wave of girls’n’tech


After the recent and rather juicy panel about girls in tech during TechCrunch “GeeknRolla” and all the funny/grotesque aftermath it looks like the theme of girls/ladies/women (as you please) working in tech start ups is hot and I’ve been closely following what Girls’n’Gadgets is doing in that space to put great web ladies under the spotlight. [note to self: use punctuation every once in a while…]

It’s no secret that Leila – aka Miss Girls’n’Gadgets or @swannny for the most – is a great advocate of ILUC (and in fact she also carries uber-cute Moo mini cards saying “official ilikeucoz evengelist”) and today’s portrait of a kick-ass web girl is our own Diane! I really enjoyed the post (you don’t wanna miss it!) and I can’t repeat enough how valuable Diane has been to the development of ILUC so far and how big is the amount of energy and enthusiasm that she brings to the project. Let’s not talk about her network of contacts… looks like she knows everyone and I can easily see why – she is an outstanding person, from a working and personal perspective.

So, bottom line is that ILUC works with 2 of the best web girls in town, Diane in the trenches and Leila in the open field and they both deliver a terrific job while having a huge grin on their faces, which is always nice and contagious. As far as I’m concerned, women in tech rock – starting from the first one I got to know in London a while back, Suz… so now the mission is to bring her on board too! 🙂


PS: the original title was “Riding the wave of girls in tech” but then I realized that there must be something about the ‘n’ thing (GeeknRolla, Girls’n’Gadgets) so I joined the bandwagon with a more appropriate and ambivalent “girls’n’tech” 😀


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