ilikeucoz is the ‘love child’ of founder Fabio De Bernardi, who – like many of us – was stumped when his girlfriend asked, ‘Why do you love me?’ Floundering for the single perfect answer, he decided that for one month, he and his girlfriend would write down something they like about each other every day, ultimately revealing the true essence of their love. Out of this challenging labour of like, the idea for ilikeucoz was born.

The concept is simple. You want to tell someone in your life why you like them, spontaneously, as you think of it, but don’t always know how. ilikeucoz is the perfect solution. It is a site dedicated to bringing the feel-good factor back and make someone’s day. Giving you a way to tell someone—a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, parent, sister, brother… whoever – why you like them. Nice, huh?

Fabio brought this fun, feel good idea to Launch48 and pitched it to a group of 100 talented designers, developers, marketers and business people. This idea was then taken forward by a smaller group of Launch48 participants who spent the weekend working on ideas, business and marketing plans, designs and technical implementation of the initial prototype, which went live on 8th February 2009, in just 48 hours!

And so ilikeucoz was born. Now, the world’s first ‘appreciation engine’ is now open for compliments. Like what we’re doing? Send us a compliment. Not sure what to say? Get inspiration from the Cozmos, a public timeline of what our users write to the people they like. Got ideas for how we can improve? Please get in touch.

Introducing ilikeucoz – the untold story:


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