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ilikeucoz takes it to the streets…

March 19, 2009

Yesterday a bunch of scary people were spotted around Covent Garden all geared up and ready to shoot.

Surprisingly the reaction of the crowd was only partially fear or fright, in fact most of them were smiling and laughing while being shot.

Let us show you the faces of these daring people… as Diane and I asked them: “why do you like the person you are with?”

Courtesy of tikichris

ilikeucoz vox pop: smiling people - Courtesy of tikichris

After a few initial hiccups the ilikeucoz crew got into the game and shot as many people as possible while having lots of fun. Apparently the victims felt the same way and thanks to the fantastic weather (this is not a joke!) the whole shooting/vox pop experience has been a blast.

Click here to view the full slideshow. Or take a sneak peak down here…

Courtesy of tikichris

ilikeucoz vox pop: enamoured couple - Courtesy of tikichris

Courtesy of tikichris

ilikeucoz vox pop: girl friends - Courtesy of tikichris

Courtesy of tikichris

ilikeucoz vox pop: Laurel the "shooter" - Courtesy of tikichris

Courtesy of tikichris

ilikeucoz vox pop: sweet Spanish mom and son - Courtesy of tikichris

Courtesy of tikichris

ilikeucoz vox pop: shameless promotion 🙂 - Courtesy of tikichris

A very special thank you goes to Laurel Parker ( for shooting our video and to Chris Osburn (tikichris) for our great still photography. A massive thanks also goes to Tobias Tobbel of Anthillmedia who kindly edited the video (stay tuned to watch it…). These amazing guys helped us because they like our idea and wanted to help us spreading the love. Guess what, we like them coz they did it! 🙂


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Passion on paper given new life on the web to make compliments flow

February 13, 2009

Today marks the launch of the world’s first ‘appreciation engine’ – ilikeucoz, a free web service that prompts you to make someone’s day by sharing with them what you like about them. With a quick visit to you can easily, immediately and directly let someone know why they are special. In just a couple of clicks you can join people from all over the world in posting their spontaneous compliments and get inspiration for your message from the Cozmos, a public time line of what people write to the people they like.

The inspiration for ilikeucoz came to founder Fabio De Bernardi when his girlfriend asked, ‘Why do you love me?’ Floundering for the single perfect answer, he decided that for one month, he and his girlfriend would write down something they like about each other every day, ultimately revealing the true essence of their love. And thus the idea for ilikeucoz was born.

“Compliments are free, easy to give and great to receive.” De Bernardi said. “We built ilikeucoz to make it simple to spread the feel-good factor that being appreciated brings. Everyone needs a bit of a boost, so tell someone ‘ilikeyoucoz…’ today.”

To mark its launch, ilikeucoz is introducing the ilikeucoz Valentine’s Challenge, which asks people to send 14 compliments to those they like in their life in honour of the14th February. The reward: the gratitude of the lucky recipient and the hope of receiving some back. The ilikeucoz Valentines Challenge is open to everyone and people can start complimenting today at:

About ilikeucoz:
ilikeucoz is the world’s first ‘appreciation engine’, dedicated to bringing the feel-good factor back.

The service is the ‘love child’ of entrepreneur Fabio De Bernardi who introduced his idea for the new web application at Launch48, an innovative event held in London and aimed at collaboratively creating and launching new web businesses in 48 hours. During the weekend of 7-8th February 2009, ilikeucoz went from idea to its current beta form where it is ready to share compliments from a mutually adoring public.

Visit to send spontaneous compliments to a friend, family member or that special someone and make their day.  If you are stuck for inspiration, or just plain nosey, you can peer into the Cozmos, a live public time line of what people write to the people they like.


For more information contact:
Fabio De Bernardi – | twitter: @fabiodebe
Diane Perlman – | twitter: @brandingmatters

Follow ilikeucoz on Twitter: @ilikeucoz
Real time stream on Twitter: @likeucozmos